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It is University policy to read the following information and confirm your understanding of the information contained herein.

To receive federal funding, the University of Michigan must maintain an accurate system of certifying the percentage of effort that employees devote to various types of activities. University employees who must sign an Effort Certification Report are attesting to and verifying the accuracy of information contained in the report. Employees are required to certify their effort if they:

  1. Perform a sponsored activity, or
  2. Are compensated by cost sharing related to sponsored activities, or
  3. Perform more than one functional activity (pdf). For example, Instruction and Departmental Administration.

The Effort Certification Report shows the proportional distribution of effort across various activities for a stated time period. For example, an employee’s total time worked from July through June may be apportioned as follows: 70% on instructional activities, 20% on a research project and 10% on administrative activities. Signed effort certification reports are maintained by the University’s Office of Cost Reimbursement and are provided to federal auditors, as needed, to document employees’ verification of effort distribution.

If your Effort Certification Report is incorrect, you must ask your department administrator to initiate the necessary appointment (funding) changes and provide you with a corrected Effort Certification Report. Employees are encouraged to review their effort report as early as possible because the correction process could take several weeks.

University employees who are required to certify effort (see list above) must first verify that they understand Effort Certification.

If a PI fails to comply with this policy, the University may suspend or withdraw proposal submissions for the PI and may inactivate existing Project/Grants in the accounting system. Disregard of this policy may also lead to other disciplinary actions in accordance with other University policies.

For more information:

OMB Circular A-21

Certification Frequency

Effort Reporting Procedures  

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