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Upgraded reports

On October 16, the lesson reports were upgraded. The guts of the reports have been in the works for a while, but it's taken a bit of time to package them up for general use.

What changed?

Most immediate, the reports panel has been re-ordered to make the intent of each set of reports more obvious.

We've also removed support for:

  • generating reports for specific UMIAC class groups
  • If you bind a unit to UMIAC groups, the reports will limit the report to the respondants in those groups. Having the pre-defined list of names also allows Lessons to report which students have not visited the lesson.
  • users x questions : the tabular reports are now oriented only as questions x users
  • total points report

What's new?

  • Browse comments only lists short answer responses; you use Grade Comments to grade responses.
  • If the unit uses Kerberos/uniqname access control, then List respondants will tell you who's visited the lesson.
  • For surveys, you'll no longer see options for score reports. (About time, I know.)
  • The tabular reports can now be generated as
  • HTML
  • Excel
  • Comma-delimeted text files
  • Tab-delimeted text files
  • Tabular reports now show you the full text of responses, instead of truncating them to 255 characters.
  • Aside from viewing the most current work, you can also view archived work.
  • Archived work are earlier attempts that the respondant has made on the lesson. This happens if you allow respondants to take the lesson more than once, or if you use the Archive work action in the Tools panel (and this time, it really works!).

About Excel worksheets: the library that Lessons uses to create the worksheets has some quirks (or rather, supporting Excel on any platform other than Windows is by definition quirky): cell text is limited to 1023 characters. If the response exceeds this, the full response is placed on a secondary worksheet.

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