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System Upgrade - February 27

UM.Lessons will be upgraded February 27; users should see no outage as we'll be updating the application servers separately.

February 28, 9:30AM: All servers have been upgraded.

Most of the changes are under the hood and invisible to users.

For Respondents:

  • short answer responses have a "Save Changes" button (for longer works)
  • logging out leaves respondents in a more constructive page, rather than leaving them at the Lessons home page

Managers will see the most changes:


  • A new setting allows notes to be tracked for reports; if you're presenting a random prompt, you'll be able to tell which prompt the respondent read


  • the current publishing state is more obvious
  • the steps to publish/unpublish/schedule lessons has been streamlined


  • the report selection page has been streamlined
  • if you're using access control groups, you can now filter reports by one or more groups
  • report processing has been revamped to avoid the Your report is locked messages; this especially works well for very large result sets
  • we've added some new columns: duration and group (when applicable)

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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