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Some updates for reports.

When the reports were last overhauled, the possibiliy of a lesson collecting a large number of respondents wasn't part of the picture. When it became clear that there was a problem, the reports were adjusted to at least be usable. However, your lessons have been collecting ever more data, and this month we've seen the stability of the service falter primarily due to the reports.

This week the reports were rewritten to better anticipate large data sets, primarily by caching the underlying report data when possible. For most users, you should see a major performance boost when checking different report formats (e.g. scores > answers). Unfortunately, if you've collected a lot of data, the initial report still takes a long time to construct. And if you have an extremely active lesson, and someone submits results while your report is being constructed, you won't be able to take advantage of the caching.

To lessen the impact that report generating has on the taking of lessons, reports are now constructed from queries against the secondary database, leaving the primary database free for users responding to lessons.

Report output is now passed to your browser as soon as possible; this should mean you'll start seeing results in your browser sooner than later, and minimize the browser disconnects. In case of disconnects, any report you generate locks you out from generating another report until that first report has completed, or 10 minutes, whichever comes first. Most of the time, your disconnected request will complete, leaving you with cached report data, so your next request will complete very quickly.

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