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Changelog: Cosign, Subscribing and Reviews

On November 26, UM.Lessons underwent some necessary maintenance.

The apache httpd server was upgraded, and now includes support for the cosign: community sign on authentication system. This will eliminate multiple logins when moving among cosign services (Webmail, Online Directory, CTNG). It also means that non-umich guests can authenticate to Lessons using UM's new Friends account.

  • You can now unsubscribe from a unit, which effectively removes it from your workspace (see Unit > Access).
  • When you delete a lesson, it's squirreled away in case you change your mind. Now, however, you can create a new unit with the same name.
  • The respondant presentation has been tweaked so it's more obvious when a lesson is being reviewed --- users should no longer see radio buttons/check boxes that don't do anything.
  • The Publish panel has been revised for this release:
    • the link to take (vs. preview) the lesson has been removed
    • the sequence for taking lessons offline has been streamlined
  • There is now a report for getting the label that respondants chose for multiple choice/multiple response questions (e.g. B). We'll be adding support for the opinion scale questions in a subsequent update.
  • Uploading Flash (.swf) media via the QuickTime content type will produce the correct embed tags.

Numerous minor updates to the engine to improve maintenability.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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