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Fall 2000 Edition

This document will be expanded as the week comes to a close. For now, the hilights...

Fill in the Blank...

Hey, it's finally here, and finally available to students!
Housekeeping issues...
  • Courses are now called Units
  • Most existing content (save for Fill-in-the-Blanks) was moved over to the Fall 2000 edition -- there were some course/units that would have been invisible to you via the browser that were not moved over. If something appears to be missing, please let us know; be sure to include the unit or lesson that's experiencing trouble
  • Student data newer than August 1 was carried forward
Using Lessons...
  • clustering is entirely managed via the Cluster itself -- press the edit button to check which questions should be part of the Cluster
  • creating new questions has been streamlined to make your life easier -- please send us any feedback of how it could be improved!
  • when showing a lesson in single-page mode, the show titles flag for questions and clusters is now respected (previously, titles were not shown at all)
  • The options that used to be under the Statistics panel are now under Reports
  • While there are a slew of new reports for lessons, being able to browse and grade comments will appear the week of 2 October; the text of surveys and fill-in-the-blanks can be had through the Show answers by user report
  • Units can be connected to course sections in the Access panel; this will allow you to both limit access to your lessons as well as provide more focused reports. You can attach as many sections as you'd like -- for instance, a large lecture plus its discussion sections -- which would allow you to effectively filter reports by discussion sections
  • Some lessons are large enough and taken by enough people to make the web reporting frustrating; we're looking into ways to resolve this issue
  • As yet, none of the reports will let you view earlier "turns" students have taken; this will be available the week of 2 October.
If you have any questions, or experience any difficulties with the Fall 2000 Edition, please message us at

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