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The tool currently known as UM.Lessons is a riff on several earlier projects that tried tackling quizzing...

In 1994, the Office of Instructional Technology built Problem Set Framework, a Macintosh tool that foreshadowed much of the featureset of UM.Lessons -- randomization, clustering, question types. It also used some truly bizarre terminology, and even some of that continues to today (thankfully, we no longer speak of variations, although there are days I wax nostalgic that we publish and no longer spawn...)

Problem Set Framework saw three major releases, when it was shelved due to the rise of the Internet, the dark year that 1997 was for Apple Computer, and the demise of SuperCard.

At that point, OIT built the UBU prototype, which merged some of Problem Set Framework with another OIT framework, Ccase. UBU content was created "locally", and students used it entirely via the web.

UBU was cast into web.framework, a full-fledged online environment. At some point, it became clear that the non-quizzing aspects of web.framework were better served through what became UM.CourseTools, and web.framework was recast to focus entirely on online quizzing, and was renamed UM.Lessons.

In 1999, UM.Lessons became one of the tools offered by the Media Union, and evolved into the tool before you.

If you have any questions about UM.Lessons, please send a message to

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